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one size fits all

Some Living Facility providers make big mistakes in thinking that all the members in their facility
are the same. They believe everyone is the same – homogenous and treat everyone alike. Yes, in some
cases, that might be possible, but in most cases, each person should be treated with peculiarities ideal
to that individual. It would be best if you did not discriminate, but in some cases, some people may need
additional attention due to their condition or likes and dislikes. That is why it is vital to look into the
service plan to know what every member requires for a comfortable and quality stay in a Living Facility.

Living Facilities are a homestead for every member that resides in that facility. It is their own
home, with every homeowner’s dignity assigned to every member. Therefore, every Living Facility is a
home away from the family home. Therefore, aids and the entire organization should know that they
are simply coming to their member’s homes to work and go home and not to insult or mistreat people in
their own homes. Residence rights and individual service plans are essential in providing a quality and
fulfilling living facility.

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