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med errors are avoidable

Medication errors can lead to catastrophic consequences in Living Facilities. Even though the
med error is one of the most consequential mistakes a Living Facility is susceptible to, a well-laid down
plan proactively implemented remains a solution to curb that disastrous incident.

In managing this responsibility, there is a need to follow the 3 Rules of R’s: Right Person, Right
Dose, and Right Time. This will undoubtedly help you in your medication administration. At all times,
avoid passing medications to everyone at the same time. In other words, Med passing must be
administered to each one at a time to prevent mix-ups or mistakes. You can have a secondary list to
double-check your meds and complete lists of names, times, and dosages for each person in the facility;
Have a check box for every person so that when they receive their meds, the package will be check-
marked once after the other.

For Living Facilities with large populations, it will be advisable to hire a Med Passer whose sole
responsibility will be administering members’ meds. A stitch in time saves nine! It will be cost-effective
in the long run, and you will be glad to have taken this wise counsel.

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