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Curtailing Toxic Workplace Environment

Curtailing Toxic Workplace Environment

Gossip in the workplace can lead to disastrous consequences if Living FacilityManagement is unaware of the Grapevine’s proliferation propensity. According to Prof. KeithDavis, who researched Grapevine’s nature and identified four basic patterns or types ofgrapevines, “Grapevine operates within and outside the organization linking almost every oneof the organizations and spreading

one size fits all

One Size Fits All

Some Living Facility providers make big mistakes in thinking that all the members in their facilityare the same. They believe everyone is the same – homogenous and treat everyone alike. Yes, in somecases, that might be possible, but in most cases, each person should be treated with peculiarities idealto

med errors are avoidable

Med Errors are Avoidable

Medication errors can lead to catastrophic consequences in Living Facilities. Even though themed error is one of the most consequential mistakes a Living Facility is susceptible to, a well-laid downplan proactively implemented remains a solution to curb that disastrous incident. In managing this responsibility, there is a need to